15 changes I will take to be more green in 2018

We have all watched Blue Planet 2 (go watch it right now if you haven’t already) and it has started a lot of conversations about living ‘green’ and looking after the planet around us. I have always been aware of my responsibility to be green but not acted on it as much as I would like so with ‘new year, new start’ ringing in my ears here is what I plan to change in my life to reduce my load on the planet.

1. Install smart home heating controls so I am not heating the house when no-one is home
2. Buy food (especially veg) loose where possible
3. Be more vigilant with recycling, it’s easy to get lazy
4. Make RO\DI water for the fish tanks at home instead of driving to a store to get it
5. Support companies with ‘green credentials’
6. Make regular monetary donations towards a company that are making steps to become green or help make others go green
7. Complete smart home lighting so that everything is turned off when no-one is home
8. Finish installing LED bulbs in every room of the house
9. Grow more veg at our allotment using grey water
10. Experiment with Solar power at home
11. Try home food delivery instead of driving to the store
12. Compost home food waste at the allotment
13. Re-sole shoes instead of replacing them when possible
14. Replace failing appliance with more energy efficient models
15. Re-use waste plastic containers from food

It’s easy to forget that in 2017 I already did these things:

1. Walk instead of driving whenever possible
2. Installed LED lighting in the most used rooms of the house
3. Started to support ‘green’ companies
4. Fix things rather than replacing them
5. Got an allotment and grew our own veg
6. Bought a petrol car
7. Paperless billing for almost everything
8. Switches to a green energy supplier called ‘Bulb’
9. Re-use plastic bags
10. Replaced aging old radiators in home with more efficient panels

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