My 1 year runniversary

The people closest to me will know that I have now been running for around 1 year. There have been good and bad bits but overall it has been great fun seeing and feeling myself improve over the 12 months so I thought I would share a few things that I have learnt along the way:

1. Don’t convince yourself to not run just because of the weather
2. Expensive shoes don’t equal good shoes
3. Really cheap shoes do equal really bad shoes
4. Compare your running times only to yourself and not others
5. Don’t be competitive, it’s all just a bit of fun
6. When starting to run keep close to home so that you can quit if things take a bad turn
7. Wristwatch with ability to track runs and show information as you run will make you go data crazy
8. Don’t expect people on pavements to move out of your way but thank the ones that do
9. Sometimes you will have a bad run, and sometimes you will never come up with a reason why….move on
10. At your first event you will be in awe of the people sprinting the finish line as you cross the halfway marker

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