A New House

Some people may recall that we have been looking at houses on and off for a few years but always put the search on hold using excuses like ‘I dont know what I will be doing for work in a years time’. After years of procastinating we finally started to look again with the target of being in a new house by christmas (please bear in mind that we said that last year :-)).

We started by writing our requirements down:

1. Three bedrooms (2 doubles and another), after looking at houses we found that the best way to guarantee two good sized bedrooms was to buy a three bedroom house.

2. A sensible sized garden, neither of us want to spend hours pruning plants weeds each day but want some outside space.

3. No lounge diners, after living in an open plan flat we wanted our living space to be a little seperate from the dining space, and yes we do eat at a table most days.

4. Within decent travelling distance for both of our jobs.

5. Inside a better part of town (locals will know where I am avoiding).

5. Inside our budget.


So a fairly short but specific list that brought our rightmove search down to around 3 properties, two of which we ruled out because we simply didnt like them. We arranged a viewing the next day and Kerry was sold immediatly but I needed a little convincing because it wasnt like anything we had seen before, this was a 70’s build terraced three bedroom in the right location and at the right price so it ticked all the boxes and it even had a small summerhouse which is perfect for an office for me and animal house for Kerry. Just few days later we decided to go for another viewing and a then few more days passed before we put the offer in as Kerry convinced me it was the right place (spoiler: sometimes woman are right :-).


Although there were a few suprises\challanges along the way it all went fairly smoothly and quite quickly. Just under 3 months and we had the keys in our hands to our new house!


I will get some pictures on here once we have decorated some more rooms and write up as the place is transformed from someone elses house to our home.

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