Category: Diary

Home Automation – My Start

OK, I think all geeks must have thought about stepping into home automation at least a few times so I decided to finally give it a go. During my first hour of research it all seemed too daunting and confusing because there are so many systems at such different prices and so many different systems that dont appear to work alongside each […]

A New House

Some people may recall that we have been looking at houses on and off for a few years but always put the search on hold using excuses like ‘I dont know what I will be doing for work in a years time’. After years of procastinating we finally started to look again with the target of being […]

A new website

Since getting our camera as a joint Christmas gift a few years ago we have been taking many photos around the country, we have now brought some of our favourite photos together on a new website that we have been working on together.   The website can be found at For those geeky readers, […]