My Home Automation Kit

Although I love to read about new home automation tech I don’t tend to change the kit that I have at home very often so here is a brief list of what I use to power my smart home. I aim to write about each of these items in more detail in the future. Spoiler, I wouldn’t buy some of these things again.

  • Raspberry Pi4 4GB running Home Assistant
  • Hive TRV’s and gas boiler controls
  • LightwaveRF dimmer light switches (Gen1 – connect series)
  • Aqara contact, temperature, presence and humidity sensors
  • Switchbot curtains
  • ESP32\ESP8266 running ESPHome
  • DigQuad LED controller running WLED with SK6812 12V RGBW
  • Meross WiFi power gangs
  • Unbranded smart plugs (with power monitoring) running Tasmota
  • Lots of Amazon echo stuff
  • Ubiquiti wireless access points
  • Philips Bloom
  • Raspberry Pi3 running Hyperion with WS2812B RGB
  • Roku media player
  • iPad as a kiosk\control center
  • Shelly EM for energy monitoring
  • FireAngel fire\carbon monoxide alarms